About OwnerGUARD

Since 1989, OwnerGUARD Corporation has been an industry leader in offering a wide range of finance and insurance products. Our products are designed exclusively for financial institutions, automobile dealers, and manufacturers. We are committed to providing our business partners a competitive advantage through innovative product development, unsurpassed service levels, competitive pricing strategies, and state-of-the-art technology.
Custom Products Division

We work to create the strongest products in the industry for our targeted business partners. We insist on the highest levels of professionalism in assessing and developing customized turnkey solutions based on our partner' needs, goals, objectives, and financial position, including:
  • Consumer Debt Protection
  • Mechanical Breakdown Protection
  • eTools and eSolutions
  • Insurance-Based Products
  • Theft and Appearance Protection
  • Commercial & Specialty Risk Solutions
Reinsurance Division

Our goal is to deliver through sound reinsurance programs maximum profit, service, and solutions at minimum risk. Our complete custom services include product development, compliance, underwriting, policy administration, claims adjudication, licensing, insurance and much more.
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OwnerGUARD GAP, Mechanical Breakdown Protection and Theft Loss Protection products have led the industry and provided our dealer partners with unmatched quality of coverage, administration, and profitability.

Spectrum Plans Consumer Debt and Mechanical Breakdown Protection programs are specifically tailored to be offered through Financial Institutions. Because of their direct relationship with consumers, Financial Institutions are in a unique position to offer a wide range of protection.

The most important aspect of a Credit Union's business is their relationship with their members. Matrix Members Protection Plans help strengthen that relationship with quality coverage and exceptional administration.
State-of-the-art online training for financial services professionals at all levels.
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