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OwnerGUARD University

OwnerGUARD University

OwnerGUARD University (OGU) delivers state-of-the-art online training to financial services professionals at all levels seeking to enhance their product knowledge and develop their sales techniques. KEEP TRAINING and KEEP LEARNING!

OGU Video

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GAP Product Knowledge

GAP 100 - Introduction to OGU
GAP 101 - GAP Basics
GAP 102 - GAP Program Highlights
GAP 103A - Contract: Declarations Page
GAP 103B - Contract: Agreement and Vehicle Types
GAP 103C - Contract: Limitations, Definitions and Additional Terms
GAP 103D - Contract: Requesting Benefits
GAP 104 - Forms
GAP 105 - GAP Commercial Use

Website Instruction

WEB 100A - Demo Mode
WEB 100B - Request Web Credentials
WEB 101 - Create Contracts
WEB 102 - VSC Edit, Delete, Remit and Web Activity
WEB 103 - GAP Edit, Delete, Remit and Web Activity
WEB 104 - GAP eRemit

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